Occupational Therapy


Why do kids need physical and occupational therapy?
One of the most common questions we are asked at Campbell Therapy Center is “Why is that child getting therapy?” We love helping kids get better too! Pediatric physical therapists are trained to improve the lives and daily function of children who suffer from a wide range of injuries and congenital conditions. The role of a pediatric therapist is to work with the child and their family to assist each child to reach their maximum potential to function independently and to promote active participation at home, in school and in the community. There are many childhood disorders and diseases that present with movement dysfunction and motor skill issues that can be treated with physical therapy. Conditions including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and associated disorders, spina bifida, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cardiopulmonary disorders and cystic fibrosis are some of the diagnosis that are commonly treated with therapy. In addition, many children present with hypotonia and developmental coordination disorder without a formal diagnosis. Orthopedic condition that can also be treated with PT include scoliosis, back pain, sport injuries, fractures and post op rehab.

Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on the “occupations” OR “jobs” of childhood such as play, socialization, self-care and school performance. Occupational pediatric therapists help children develop the skills needed for functional independence in these important developmental areas. They also treat problems related to sensory processing disorders with sensory integration.
Pediatric therapy focuses on the progression of developmental skills, the use of compensation techniques and/or adaptive equipment as needed and adapting to the environment. The goal for you child is to promote the greatest level of independence and success.

**At Campbell Therapy Center, we are excited to announce the addition of Amanda Greene, OT to our staff!! Amanda has begun accepting new patients. We are blessed to have Amanda join our team! With this new adventure, we look forward to providing physical, occupational, behavior and speech therapy in one location by therapists who specialize in pediatric care.**

We truly care about our patients, from geriatric to pediatric ages, and strive to help them become more independent in their daily activities. If you or someone you know needs therapy, please contact us today at 731-641-8111 to discuss options for treatment.